Hello! I am so sorry I haven't posted in so long! I have been really busy with moving and stuff so I haven't been very motivated to post in a while. Sorry :( BUT I am here now! And while this post isn't exactly a DIY tutorial, I wanted to show you all what I have been up to lately/hopefully provide some DIY inspiration! 
Ok this is my fist thing that I made! It's a piece of wall art for my new room made out of dried flowers and twine. It was really easy to make, just knotting twine around the stems and then hanging them up on a piece of string. Easy peasy! But I thought it was so pretty once it was done; I love dried flowers- there is something hauntingly beautiful about them. 

PictureA close up on my project :)

Sorry about the poor lighting in this picture! I took it last minute. But as you can see, the flowers dress up the wall nicely :)
PictureThe tissue box with some DIY flair :)
The other thing I did was to decorate my bathroom. I wrapped some string/twine around my soap dispensers  and the tissue box to dress them up a bit. (At the old house, the bathroom was very crisp white, but at the new house that style wouldn't work.) Something I do to make the bathroom (appear) more organized is I put the bath products that I use most often (my daily face wash, lotion, ect.) in soap dispensers. That way I can keep my necessities out at all times for convenience, but it still looks tidy.


So, I want to do this to my room when I get my own place. :D


Aww thanks! You should! :)


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