Hat: Antique Warehouse, Cedros- Vintage 1930's
Sweater: Cotton On Outlet
Broach: Antique Warehouse, Cedros- Vintage 1950's
Skirt/Dress: Free People
Socks: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Charlotte Russe
Hello Everyone! I hope you are all having a thrilling thursday! Today I woke up BEFORE 7:00 am today! I was very proud of myself. I was able to eat breakfast AND drink coffee. It has been quite a good day :)

I got this broach from my favorite store- the Antique Warehouse in Solana Beach, CA. Seriously, I could spend a day in there. (In fact, I have!) It is GIANT and full of so many cool antiques! I like this pin  because lately I have been having a weird obsession with butterflies- hmm, maybe having something to do with spring!

This whole outfit actually came about because of my desire to wear these socks. What I do normally, when picking out what I am going to wear, is choose something I want to highlight and plan my outfit around that thing. As you all may know by now, this Saturday, my family is moving. I found these while doing some packing last night!

It's so funny how much random stuff you forget you had!

I also feel like I am not doing this outfit justice if I don't talk about my hat. Ahhh I love this hat. I swear, it makes any normal day magically turn into a scene from Sound of Music.  No but seriously! I am having a lot of trouble not spontaneously breaking out into song today haha. I think everyone should try wearing something that makes them want to sing! The world would be much happier.
I hope you are all having a great day!
Love, Lauren
04/18/2013 3:24pm

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